(#23) Submitter Name: Henry Marsden

Submitter Email: henrymarsden@meylercampbell.com

Submitter Website: www.meylercampbell.com

Research Question
What are the strengths and limitations of coaching?

Coaching has reached a point where there is sufficient experience to explore where things have worked and where things have not worked.

Exploration of these issues would allow us to address questions around:
• In what situations should coaching be used and where should it not be used?
• Which people respond well to coaching and who will not respond?
• What defines great coaches and who are not suited to coach?

Option A
Generate case studies from organizations, clients and coaches. These narratives should identify where coaching has worked and where it has not worked so well. The descriptive approach would support hypothesis generation concerning the situation, person (client) and coach dynamics which. The hypotheses generated may then be investigated further to explore their predictive qualities.

Option B
To use a comparative structured interview technique such as repertory grid to generate constructs that those interviewed view as defining successful or unsuccessful initiatives. The interviews may be undertaken with different stakeholders (e.g., coaches, clients, organizational sponsors) to gain multiple perspectives on the question of what differentiates excellent coaching from less successful coaching situations.

Once generated the constructs may be used to a) generate instruments to support analysis and practical application (e.g., organizational readiness, coach; and b) generate hypotheses that may be investigated using more empirical techniques.

Hypothesized Results
Identifying the constructs and hypotheses concerning the strengths and limitations of coaching. This may particularly enlighten issues around the situation, the client and the coach.

Potential Implications
Alongside the generation of hypotheses and instruments, this research may also form recommendations to:
• Consumers of coaching (organization or individuals) on how they should use coaching and the conditions they influence to gain the maximum benefit.
• New arrivals to coaching on what to get ready in their organization and what potential pitfalls to avoid.
• Providers of coaching (organizations or individuals) on what they need to put into place to ensure the conditions for the best possible impact are put into place.
• Accrediting bodies or regulators on the boundaries and continuing professional development of coaches.


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